Curb Damage, Pot Hole, Collision, Slow Tire Leak


OUR Process

Nothing is overlooked. From the moment the wheel arrives, we assign a unique reference number that helps us track everything we do in terms of shipping, production, billing and customer service. This ensures we deliver the right color and finish, as well as on-time billing and delivery.


Although our personnel are already wheel repair experts, they have to pass an internal certification. We ensure that we stay on top of the latest techniques and technologies. Wheels America repair technicians are trained to work with custom painting, color matching, curb rash damage, dings and scuffs, shallow rim scrapes, and the repair of face and bead damage.


Over the years we have developed proprietary systems, repair and painting processes that help us serve you in the most efficient way.

Before and After Examples

Are You a business?

We offer special pricing and customized services to our business customers and have priority service and dedicated business account managers assigned to each account. We work with car dealerships, collision centers & body shops, insurance companies and tire centers. Talk to one of our sales managers and explore the options available to you. Apply for a net30 account below.