How Long Does It Take To Fix A Wheel?

Normally we have a next day turnaround, meaning you can drop it off one day and pick it up the next.

Do I need to make an appointment to have my wheel repaired?

It is preferable, but you can come any time to any of our locations during business hours and drop off your wheel or vehicle.

If I leave just the wheel, does the tire need to be taken off beforehand?

No, we have all the necessary equipment to remove your tires, put them back on and balance them for you.

Can I leave my car at your shop?

Yes, you can leave your car at our shop no matter if you need one wheel or all four wheels repaired.

I am not near one of your repair shops, can I ship you my damaged wheel?

Yes, be sure to include your name, return address and phone number. We will call you when we receive your wheel and discuss method of payment at that time. You can also visit our shop and order a replacement wheel.

Do you offer any guarantee?

We offer a lifetime guarantee on the structural work we do, and on the finish as well.

My wheels have a factory powder coat finish, will it match after the repair?

Yes, we match the powder coating on every wheel we refinish. Powder coating is a stronger, more durable finish and allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on the finish of the wheel.

I cleaned my wheels with wheel cleaner, now they have cloudy stains on the wheels. Can this be repaired?

Some cleaners have harsh chemicals that will discolor your wheels, we recommend cleaning only with soap and water. The good news is the wheels can be refinished to look like new again. We will strip the old finish off the wheel and refinish them with a powder coat finish that in most cases is better than new.

I have a cracked wheel, can it be repaired?

Most of the times, a cracked wheel can be repaired, but it is dependent on where the crack is located and how large it is. We recommend you get in touch with your nearest Wheels America location and have them evaluate your wheel and see if the damage is repairable.

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