Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can come by our location any time during our business hours to drop off your wheel or vehicle.

Yes, you can leave your car at our shop no matter if you need one wheel or all four wheels repaired.

No, we have all the necessary equipment to remove your tires, put them back on and balance them for you.

Normally we have a next day turnaround, meaning you can drop it off one day and pick it up the next.

Yes, we can remove your damaged wheel from the car and install your spare for you. When the wheel is finished we can put it back on the car and put your spare away for you.

Yes, be sure to include your name, return address and phone number. We will call you when we receive your wheel and discuss method of payment at that time. You can also go to to order a replacement wheel.

Yes, we can repair any aluminum wheel, original equipment or custom wheels. We do not charge extra for multi-piece, custom colors or forged wheels.

We can repair chrome wheels as well. If the damage is on the front of the wheel, there is a pretty good chance the wheel will need to be rechromed after the repair is done. We can also have your wheel rechromed at an extra charge. You can reach your nearest location at 888-434-9746 to discuss the chroming procedure.

Most of the time a cracked wheel can be repaired, but it is dependent on where the crack is located and how large it is. We recommend you get in touch with your nearest location and they can speak with you about if your damage is repairable.

We give a lifetime guarantee on the structural work we do, and on the finish as well.

If there is no structural damage, the wheel would need to have the old chrome chemically stripped and new chrome applied. We can do this work for you as well, contact your local branch for pricing and turnaround time.

Most damaged wheels can be repaired, this would include bends, curb rash, cracks, breaks, and cosmetic damage. The exception would be wheels that have been warped in the center hub area of the wheel, or wheels that have excessive broken areas. Our repair technicians analyize each wheel during the inspection process to determine if it is repairable.

Our expert repair technicians inspect and measure each wheel before and during the repair process. Any wheel that doesn’t meet our safety criteria does not get repaired. We keep a computerized record of the work done on each wheel. We have independent testing results on wheels we have repaired to ensure they are as good as new when the repair was finished.

We can widen wheels, the area of the wheel we are able to widen is the backside of the wheel, usually up to 2” wider. Call your nearest location for more details.

Yes, we weld in and re-drill the damaged lug areas. After that is done, the wheel is refinished to look and perform like new again. This is an additional cost and takes extra time.

We powder coat every wheel we refinish. Powder coating is a stronger, more durable finish and allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on the finish of the wheel.

In some applications we can refinish your center caps. Some caps that have a painted or machined finish we can do when we refinish your wheel, contact your nearest location for more information.

This finish is what is called “hyper-silver” in the industry, we can duplicate this finish at no extra charge.

A rim with a crack and bend can be repaired, we will first fix the bend in the wheel, then repair the crack so that it performs and looks like new again.

Some cleaners have harsh chemicals that will discolor your wheels, we recommend cleaning only with soap and water. The good news is the wheels can be refinished to look like new again. We will strip the old finish off the wheel and refinish them with a new powder coat finish that in most cases is better than new.

Pot holes can cause severe damage to your wheels and suspension. The damage is not always visible, so it is best to let one of our technicians inspect your wheel for you.

In some cases we can but, normally it is not cost effective to repair steel wheels. You should contact your local branch for more details.

We can fix any alloy wheel up to 26” in diameter.

We can get most major brand tires, inquire at your local store when you drop off your wheel for price and availability.